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Linguistics homework help refund policy

Linguisticshomeworkhelp.com has a fully working refund policy which students can activate when seeking a refund from us. Our refund policy takes care of all our services and what our clients can do to get a refund. It also details the circumstances when clients can qualify for a refund and when they cannot. We enter into a contract with the client before working on their tasks and strive to work by the contract. Therefore, please read and understand this privacy policy and its provisions.

Our Privacy Policy

This refund policy applies to this website online. We offer a linguistics homework help service to all our clients. To ensure that students have the required trust in our services, we have a money-back guarantee that students can activate should there be a breach in the contract. That is accompanied by this refund policy which details when a client can get a refund from us and when they cannot. Some of the reasons why can lead a student to seek a refund from us is a breach of contract, cancellation of the work, late delivery, etc. We do everything within our means to ensure that students get the correct service from our clients. For a client to qualify for a refund, they must prove that they had hired us and made a payment to us. If that is proven, we will process the refund and send the money to the same account used to pay us.

When a client qualifies for a refund

We consider many factors when processing refunds here. A client will qualify for a refund id;

They make a double payment for the same task. This is a rare occasion, but the client automatically qualifies for a refund if it happens. However, if the client has another task that needs to be solved by our team, they can use the extra payment to cover that. If the client does not need any other service, we will process the refund, and the money will be sent to them on time.

If we fail to get someone to do the work after hiring us, we will immediately inform you and then process a refund. However, this has never happened because we have enough professionals, and before accepting a task, we first confirm if we have someone to work on it.

You will automatically qualify for a refund if you cancel a task within the first ten minutes after hiring us. However, there is an exception to this. This will not apply to urgent tasks. If you have stated that your work is urgent, you will not qualify because urgent tasks are started immediately after you make the payment; we pay our experts prior. It will also not qualify for online exams, tests, and quizzes.

Cancellation of an order

Different factors can lead to the cancellation of an order. Depending on the different factors, an order can be canceled by the client or by us. From our side, we can cancel an order if we find that you used someone else’s money to pay for the service without their approval. Your order will be canceled if the money used to pay or the service is confirmed to have been obtained fraudulently through money laundering or other illegal means. If it comes to our attention that you are using our website for any illegal purposes, we will also terminate the contract. From the client-side, they can terminate a contract with us for different purposes. The client will notify us of the reason during cancellation, and based on the reason, and they will be notified whether they qualify for a refund or not.