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Our terms and conditions

Linguisticshomeworkhelp.com uses terms and conditions to explain the rules and regulations of using this website and our client engagement. We encourage our clients and general website users to read and understand our terms and conditions. We follow the provisions in these terms and conditions when offering our services. If there is anything unclear about the terms and conditions, contact us today for immediate assistance. Our customer care team is always available to ensure that all your questions are answered immediately. Note that all the disputes will also be handled in accordance with these terms. We use them to ensure that all our clients have the best experience using our services.

Terms and conditions

We use terms and conditions to define this website and engage with clients and other users. In these terms and conditions, we explain to our clients the rules they must follow when seeking our services. We will use these terms during the provision of all our services. Contact our customer care team for explanations if anything is unclear about our terms and conditions. Our team is available 24/7 to deal with all questions and provide clarification. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, refrain from using this service because, as stated above, these terms will apply to all services.


Linguisticshomeworkhelp.com is the sole owner of all the content available on this website. The information includes text, images, videos, graphics, software, and other content. We do not allow the misuse, selling, copying, editing, modifying, or modifying of any content without permission from our management. The permission must be written permission. We do not limit the times a client can visit and read our terms and conditions. However, we urge all the users of this website to respect the content found here. If any user of this website is found misusing the information found here, they will be dealt with in accordance with the law. What is more, the person will pay any damages that will be incurred during such periods.

Termination of a contract

All contacts here become active after a client pays for the service. We work hard to ensure that we meet the provisions of the contract. An active contract can be terminated by the client or by us. Many reasons can make us terminate an already existing contract. We can terminate a contract with a client if we notice that they have used another person's money to pay for our services without that person's permission. If we notice that the money you are using to pay for our service is obtained through fraudulent means such as money laundering or any other illegal means, we will terminate that contract. If we find you using our website for any service other than the stated ones, we will terminate your contract. From the client's side, they can terminate an existing contract for reasons they will inform us during the termination. After receiving their reason for termination, we will inform them whether they qualify for a refund or not. For more information about our refund, please go through our refund policy to see when a client can qualify for a refund or not.

Pricing and payment

Payments play a critical role in service delivery because they help us keep our best experts and run the company. We only use our official payment channels for all the transactions. When a client asks for a service, we send them a quotation with the amount we will charge for that service and the methods they can use to pay for the service. The charges for our services are not fixed. We charge based on the work's quantity, complexity, and urgency. However, we are affordable enough for all our clients. Note that most of the payment methods we use attract transaction fees. The client will incur the transaction fees. If, in any case, you need a refund for a service we have provided, and the necessary department approves it, the money will be sent to the same payment method that had made the transaction. We know how sensitive online payments are; therefore, we do everything necessary to ensure that all payment methods here are safe and secure.

Limitation of liability

All the information we publish or provide on this website is based on what we term as correct based on our understanding and the services we provide here. We should therefore not be held accountable for any incorrect or misleading information. We research to ensure that we provide correct and reliable information here. All the information we provide here is in line with the services we offer. We urge all the users of this website to hold us free from any claims. You may find mistakes or misspelled words on this website. Contact our team for assistance if you need any clarification regarding our services or the information provided on this website.

Confidentiality of information

All the information regarding service delivery is considered confidential information. Such information is retained for internal use and is not shared with third parties. We have provided full details on how we use the information we collect from our clients on our privacy policy. However, there is information that is not treated as confidential information. Information that is not considered confidential includes reviews and articles. All the reviews and articles will be published on the website and available for the public to read. In the case of articles, we expect you to transfer the article's copyright to us. Moreover, you should not expect any monetary gains from us by publishing your article on our website. This is because we also do not benefit financially from publishing articles. They are only for public view regarding the industry we are operating in.

Changing the terms and conditions

We can change or modify the information found on this website without prior notification to the client. The digital era is changing everything, so we must keep changing our terms and conditions to align with the changing times. Therefore, we ask all our clients to keep visiting this website and this section, in particular, to ensure that they are ready for any changes that may have been put in place. We add all these changes to ensure that we align with the changing times. If you do not understand the changes, contact our customer care team for an explanation. We are here to ensure our clients have the best experience working with us.

Dispute resolution

We offer all our services in good faith, which is why we consider mediation as the way to disputes. We also ask our clients always to consider mediation before any other dispute resolution method. If we cannot agree through mediation, we will use the law. The law governs this website, and therefore, the different provisions of the law that govern this website will apply. Note that we use the Indian law, and therefore, any disputes will be solved through the Indian law. We cooperate with all our clients during such times and urge them to do the same.